Teaching Children and Adults to Swim Since 1893


Swim21 accreditation

In 2009 we gained swim 21 accreditation and have renewed it every year since.

Macclesfield Amateurs celebrated its Centenary in 1993. Throughout its existence it has strived to offer affordable swimming lessons to both children and adults in the Borough of Macclesfield. Over the years there have obviously been changes in the running of the Club, but certainly no more than during the process of Swim 21 accreditation.

It was due to the dedication and resilience of the MASC Committee that the Club was awarded accreditation, and given that all the team of teachers and helpers are volunteers to the club, many with full time jobs, this was no mean task. As with many clubs in many sports, it is the commitment and team spirit of the people involved in the running of a club that enables its survival and success and Macclesfield Amateurs continues this pathway forward . The Swim 21 process has helped the Committee to focus on organising the Club to a very high standard in order to continue the smooth running of administrative processes and for all to be aware of the Health and Safety values so necessary in today's environment. Although the Club has always worked closely with the Macclesfield Leisure Centre, Swim 21 highlights the need and value for this to continue.

It is now the Club's task to continue the improvements, to stay ahead and maintain the quality of the Club through the Swim 21 process. The Committee, teachers and helpers are keen to further develop their skills and will be attending, when possible, the CPD and teaching courses that are available. We aim to continue our liaison with other local clubs and look forward to a continued good working relationship with the Borough Council.

Swim 21 accreditation has helped our Club, but it would not have been possible without the help of Nik Turnbull, the Regional Development Officer from Swimnorthwest, who guided us through the process on several occasions. Our sincere thanks go to Nik. We would also like to thank Richard Roeton, from the CheshireEast who has, and continues to support the Club in his capacity as the Leisure Centre Development Officer.

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