Teaching Children and Adults to Swim Since 1893

It is the Club's philosophy to provide affordable lessons to both children and adults of Cheshire East. In order to do this all teachers, helpers and Committee members are volunteers. Club fees are reviewed each year and small increases are always based on any increases to ASA membership fees and pool and lifeguard costs.

The club bases its swimming programme on the ASA National Plan for Swimming and will incorporate any necessary changes that are deemed appropriate to the Club.

Macclesfield Amateurs is a teaching club and not a competitive club. It runs its own in-house galas and incorporates Cheshire East races. Three galas are held throughout the Club's year April to March. All children, irrespective of their swimming ability, are encouraged to participate and three relays to incorporate families, workforce and sports clubs are held in an attempt to offer our facilities to all in Cheshire East. The club also welcomes adults, both beginners and swimmers. All teachers help to teach the adults and offer advice to the more competent swimmers should they wish to improve their stroke technique and we now also teach synchronised swimming.

J Burton
January 2013